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Hard to believe I've been doing this for 10 years on GP forums and 3 years on this site, updating twice a month or whenever there are significant hardware changes. I have no intention of stopping, the amount of views seems to be increasing month on month which is great. I do this for the love of it, no intention of ever adding adverts or paywalls, I just want you to be a PC gamer. However if my site did help you and you would like to buy me a coffee to fuel continued updates, it is appreciated.

No, but the parts availability and prices is based on local NZ stores using

Almost certainly not, what this site aims to do is set a baseline price based on products that are in stock at the lowest possible price without being garbage. Basically giving you a floor price, if you have more budget, choose nicer parts.

I've done the pricing based on local New Zealand stores but sure if you find a good deal, why not? Just remember GST/shipping/warranties.

Everyone's storage requirements are unique, most people do just fine with a single m.2, if you need more then budget it in!

Sure, but there is inherent risk of course regarding warranties and trustworthiness of the seller. If possible, buy new, if second hand is going to get you higher performance for similar price, it s worth considering.

Computer Lounge tend to offer the combination of service and price.

Just a life long PC enthusiast with too much time on his hands. The recommendations above are not just mine but the collation of multiple like minded PC gamers on But you know, take any advice with a grain of salt.